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February 13, 2003

Eitan Wanted for Stalking (on Lifetime’s Final Justice)

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Recently Eitan called his biographer in the middle of the night to let him know that he needed to update the biography for the first time. The biographer reminded Eitan that he had not yet been paid for his earlier writing work. Eitan assured him the check was in the mail and pleaded with him to expand his biography. The biographer (against his better judgment) agreed.

Eitan received a call on a Monday, asking if he could work the next day. Eitan was quite shocked, as there was no audition and he had not met anyone from this project. He had sent out a headshot a few weeks before and had assumed that headshot would end up with all his other headshots in headshot heaven. The show was Final Justice (the Erin Brokovich show) for the Lifetime network. Not only was Eitan offered a job straight up, it was his first union (AFTRA) work. After skipping around the Westside Pavilion shopping mall for a while Eitan accepted. He worked the next day playing a stalker which is pretty much against his type. He was cast because of his resemblance to the actual criminal (Eitan saw a picture and the criminal was a good 100lbs heavier than him and a whole lot uglier, if that’s possible). Final Justice does reenactments of crimes to splice in with footage of the actual victims (like America’s Most Wanted). Eitan spent the day stalking and being creepy for money, which is a break from his usual activities of stalking and being creepy for free.

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