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March 20, 2003

Eitan’s First Agent and a Play No One Remembers

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Eitan is pissed at his biographer. His biographer was pretty much done with this update and Frontpage crashed. Eitan asked if the biographer had saved anything and the biographer remarked that he had not. Eitan slapped the back of the head of the biographer and told him that he’s not getting up from his computer until the biography is properly updated. The biographer meekly agreed. So here is the newest update, part two:

Eitan and his biographer are quite stumped as they’re both referred to in the third person in these writings. Anyway, the actual update is in two parts. The first describes how Eitan got his agents, the second talks about a show Eitan just did.

The first tale starts several months back. Eitan was attending a panel discussion of several agents at the Take One Bookstore. This event was being sponsored by a company that puts on agent showcases. The showcases involve an unrepresented actor paying money to audition in front of a group of agents who hopefully would want to represent them. Despite it’s obvious commercial implications, the panel was quite good and Eitan left feeling he learned a lot. A few weeks later Eitan was cruising the message board where he saw a post inquiring about this company. Eitan responded that he didn’t think the event was worth the amount of money that they were asking and assumed his advice would evaporate into the ether like all the other advice he’s ever given. Several weeks later Eitan got a phone call from the person who runs these showcases. The person had seen Eitan’s post (and this website) and wanted to prove to him the legitimacy of these showcases by inviting Eitan to attend the next one free of charge. They asked that Eitan not tell anyone that he was attending without cost (hence the reason the name’s not mentioned here). Eitan went to the showcase and performed his kick-butt monologue in front of several groups of agents. Lo and behold one of the agents wanted to meet with him (it’s a miracle as Eitan was at that time a non-union actor with no professional credits). Eitan went in to meet with Sheryl Abrams of PTI Talent and she asked him to do his monologue again for her. She then asked if Eitan had a commercial agent. He responded that he didn’t, and she asked him if he’d like to meet with their commercial agent Danie Wulff. After these meetings the agency wanted to represent Eitan both commercially and theatrically. After doing some research on them, he agreed. Eitan thinks this is probably the weirdest way someone has gotten their agent.

The second story is also pretty cool. Eitan’s mother was at work and during a staff meeting it was mentioned that they needed one more man for their upcoming Purim show (it’s a Jewish holiday). Eitan’s mother mentioned that her son was an actor (and she luckily lied, saying he could sing) and if no one else wanted the part he’d be glad to do it. Well Eitan ended up being one of the five leads of the 2003 Wilshire Boulevard Temple Purim show called “A Broadway Purim.” The show was a Broadway style review about the story of Purim (it was terribly cheesy and reeked of being written in 1995). But wait, the story gets cooler. The play was also starring the following actors (clicking on their name will take you to their IMDB page): Caroline Aaron, Jami Gertz, Michael Mantel and Mark Klastorin. It should be noted that Eitan is not only the only cast member without an IMDB page, but he’s the only cast member without an extensive IMDB page. They sang, they danced and they had a blast. Eitan has just informed his biographer that he has given the photo editor a picture of this show to put on the photo page. The biographer can’t wait for the next installment of Eitan’s career.

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