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April 7, 2003

A Fake Proposal in a Fake Commercial and a Real Play

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The old saying, “No news is good news” doesn’t apply to acting careers.  The biographer is happy to announce Eitan’s latest career accomplishments.  The first is a rather plain and boring story as far as acting stories go.  Eitan had submitted his headshot and resume (although Eitan has a staff of people working on his website, he still insists on mailing his own headshots as he claims it keeps him humble) to a newly formed company called “Ashland Entertainment” for a speculative commercial.  They called him in and he auditioned.  He was called back and subsequently cast.  The plot of the commercial is as follows:  Eitan is a guy taking his girlfriend out to dinner, he is noticeably nervous.  They are sitting there drinking their wine when Eitan pulls out an engagement ring.  In order to kneel and propose he pushes out his chair but accidentally pushes it right into the waiter.  The waiter then spills spaghetti all over Eitan.  His girlfriend picks off a piece of spaghetti, gives him a kiss and obviously has just said yes.  It looks to be a very cute spot and it’s a pity that it will probably never get released.  All the equipment was very high end, so the commercial will hopefully come out with a very professional look.  It was done during an all night shoot from 11PM until 7:30 in the morning in an Italian restaurant in Pasadena.  Despite (or probably because of) staying up all night and spending about an hour of the shoot with cold spaghetti all over his head, on his knees and unable to move for fear of disrupting the pasta, Eitan had a great time.  He also had the production photographer take some photos with his disposable camera, so pictures will be posted eventually. [Biographers Note(2/9/04): The pictures will never be posted as Eitan stupidly lost the disposable camera in Santa Barbara.  Silly Eitan.]

The second story is a tiny bit less conventional.  In December Eitan had submitted a headshot for some play that was being done by the LA Jewish Theater.  They did not call him for that show.  A few months later Eitan saw a posting for another show that they were casting.  He decided not to mail another headshot, as he figured they had his first one and would call if they wanted him.  Eitan was shocked to discover he was actually right.  This story would not be so odd except that he was not called in for a regular audition.  Two actors had dropped out of the show several weeks into rehearsal.  Eitan was called in to possibly replace one of the actors.  He went in and did his monologue for the director before a rehearsal.  He was offered the part and started rehearsal started about one minute later.  Eitan would post the dates of the play, except he does not know them. All he knows is when he has his next rehearsal.  Fortunately (in some ways) it’s not a large part, so Eitan will have little trouble learning the blocking and lines. 

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