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November 9, 2003

Eitan Auditions for The Audition

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Do not fear!  Eitan is still around.  Despite the rather long lapse between bio entries Eitan has actually been alive, well and is still pursuing acting.  Disregard any rumors circulating about how Eitan was living the last 5 months in a hermetically sealed chamber in the upper reaches of the Brazilian rainforest, they are all lies started by Eitan’s detractors.  Eitan has just (as of this morning) appeared in the short film “The Audition” put together by The Brothers Castanon.  He played an actor (big stretch, no?) who completely misreads the script, takes the part he’s reading for way too seriously and doesn’t even have a clue he is auditioning for a comedy (not that Eitan would EVER make such a mistake in real life).  Eitan has more auditions coming up, so hopefully it will be much less time between this and the next update.

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