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May 21, 2004

Joining SAG and the first Agent Switcheroo

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Eitan has unified with his fellow actors in the interest of fair working conditions and pay.  Together they will fight for actor’s unalienable rights and bring happiness and fair treatment to the world.  Also Eitan now has a really cool pin.  Yes children, Eitan has joined the Screen Actors Guild.  Eitan’s credit card will never quite recover from the shock.  What does this all actually mean?  Surprisingly little.

In other news Eitan has just signed with Stella Archer of Conan Carroll and Associates for commercial representation.  Hopefully this will lead to more jobs, more snide biography entries and more money for Eitan.  There’s no real story here.  Eitan was referred there by a friend and decided to switch up his agency to try to get more auditions.  He is still represented by Sheryl Abrams of PTI Talent theatrically.  Both of his agents have the initials S.A.  Creepy, huh?

His Hertz commercial should be airing any day now.  Keep an eye out for Eitan’s sexy face on a TV near you.

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