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October 23, 2005

Origin-al Eitan, New Agent!

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Well hello there!  Fancy meeting you here.  Welcome to another edition of “What does Eitan want to brag about today?” 

Eitan has a new commercial agent!  Readers would believe that Eitan changes his commercial representation as often as he changes his underwear.  This is not true:  Eitan never changes his underwear.  Actually, now Eitan is with an incredible agency known as Origin Talent.  He was referred to Janet Tscha, the new commercial agent, by a manager.  Janet had just taken over the commercial department and was in dire need of a goofy looking guy who is so full of himself he commissions and entire website to his own likeness and has long stories posted in the vain hope that someone cares about him.  

See previous post for the reason Eitan sought new representation.  Actually, read a few more than that.   The biographer loves it when people read his work.  Eitan is definitely enjoying working with his new agent and hopes not to have to update this biography in another five months with stories of yet another office who represents him.

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