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January 11, 2006

What Happens in Vegas Commercial, Eitan is Famous

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“What happens in Eitan stays in Eitan.”  Catchy?  No it’s not.  It works much better for Las Vegas.  Eitan is not known for his debauchery, crazy parties and all night drink-fests (yet).  That being said, Eitan has just shot one of those nifty commercials.  Yes, Eitan actually was flown out to Vegas (on the glory of Southwest Airlines) for two nights at the exotic Hilton (no, not the one with the casino and the Star Trek experience although Eitan certainly is nerdy enough to get excited about something like that).

Eitan will be seen at a psychic getting a reading against his will.  He will use whatever mental powers he can muster to block her out of his head so that she may not see the fun he will have in Vegas and tell his girlfriend.  The tag line, “What happens here, stays here.”  But anyone who’s ever watched TV in the past few years already knew that. 

When will this commercial air?  When will Eitan be known as “That guy from the thing, with that girl in it!  Look Martha, take his photo.  Quick, before he gets away!”?  No one knows.  Probably soon, possibly later.  How’s that for helpful information?

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