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March 28, 2006

Through the Front Door, Vegas Update

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No, the Vegas commercial isn’t airing yet.  Stop asking.  Seriously, you’re starting to sound needy.  But good news to curb your Eitan fixation.  For over year Eitan has been trying to shoot a short film he wrote.  Who else but Eitan could write a short film where he’s on screen alone for 90% of the time?  Honestly, who’s got that big of an ego that they’d assume people want to see that?  Even Tom Hanks had a volleyball to share screen time in Castaway. 

But it’s done.  People are calling it “Funny,” “Great,” “Cute” and “The most important short film in the history of cinema.”  That last quote was from Eitan’s mom and it sounded pretty sarcastic.  The film is now available on YouTube.  Go see Eitan in 3 dimensions!  That’s the X axis, Y axis and Time.  Three dimensions.  Stop acting like you know better.

The film might be entered into a few film festivals if Eitan’s ego needs a summer boost (or if it’s ego sweeps week).  Keep an eye out for any news.

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