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April 6, 2006

Huge in Japan Eitan is.

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Fun with Google!  Someone searched for “Ironstar Memoirs” and came upon this page.  Eitan wondered, “Why would someone be doing that?”  So away he sent his assistant’s assistant to log into Google and google the same information.  Turns out,  plans for the show have changed.  Originally it was going to air on Japanese TV, far away from American eyes.  But, someone over at one of the production companies came up with a great idea.  Now the shows will debut on Sony PSPs in the Universal Media Disk format (which ironically is proprietary to PSPs).  This means all those annoying people plugged into their little game systems could be listening to Eitan.  They’ll be easy to spot due to their glazed over look and oft repeated mantra, “Man this narrator is full of himself.  But I love it!”

Christmas is nowhere near around the corner, but it’s never too early to shop for an Eitan narrated biography of Ray Charles or Willie Nelson.  The rest of the episodes probably suck by comparison.

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