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June 29, 2006

Alive and Well

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Eitan has just wrapped shooting the short film “Alive and Well” with Neil Flynn (he’s the Janitor on Scrubs and was also in Mean Girls, stuff Eitan would never be caught dead doing).  Eitan played a nerdy know-it-all badminton player named Steve.  It’s very difficult to imagine Eitan as a nerdy know-it-all, but somehow he managed to pull the part off admirably.  The film takes place when a badminton team’s charter jet crashes into a California field.  The crazed pilot wants to immediately start eating people to survive.  Then the nerdy Steve saves the day.  Or so Eitan would have us believe. 

Eitan spent two days in a smoke filled airplane set in North Hollywood shooting this film.  And no, he did not get any frequent flier miles for the shoot.

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