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March 22, 2007

Cricket Feet Showcase, Three Commercials and Alive and Wonderful

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Eitan’s just showing off. Three commercials at the same time? Seriously? Uch! How unbecoming.

Not only can you see Eitan in his commercials for Las Vegas and Cingular but now he’s going to be seen all over the country in his commercial for Saturn that started airing last night during Lost.

Eitan appears at the end of the commercial giving a “I’m not nearly as good as you” wave to the Saturn dealer. At least they cast Eitan well in this one. Listen for the “manamana” song playing.

Also, Eitan has expanded his ineptitude. If it wasn’t enough that he was an actor (and a writer/director, if you count his short film which the biographer doesn’t) Eitan is now a producer. Together with casting director Bonnie Gillespie, Eitan is producing the Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase. It will be performed at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica on April 23rd,24th and April 26th at 8PM. More info can be found on that website. Eitan will, of course, performing in it. So expectations should be tempered.

The short film Eitan performed in “Alive and Well” has been accepted into over a dozen film festivals. Chris Peckover, the director, won “Best Director” at an Australian festival. Eitan’s IMDb Star Ranking skyrocketed from 334,733 to 237,193. There are over 100,000 dead people more famous than Eitan.

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