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June 25, 2007

New Bio, New Everything

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No, you’re not dreaming.  Everything on has been re-done.  But pinch yourself anyway for wasting your time reading about Eitan.

The Biography page is now running on WordPress, the photo gallery is an actual gallery, there’s a whole new color scheme and other things are different all over the place.  People around the world are wondering, “Why?”  And the answer is… there is no good reason.  Eitan’s mean like that.  He calls up his staff at 3:30AM on a Thursday reeking of tequila (the offices are equipped with “Smell-o-Phones”) and demands his whole website be updated over the weekend.  He claims his website looks like it was designed in 1996 which in the internet world is one of the worst imaginable insults.

So off the staff went to update every page and make everything as modern as streamlined as possible.  The final result, something that looks like it was designed in 2004.  Ta da!

June 4, 2007

New Manager, 2nd Showcase

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Eitan has people. It’s weird because he’s… Eitan. But he does have people. Today he inked (that’s pretentious “industry speak” for “signed”) with Steven Buchsbaum of Ad Astra Management. That doubles the number of people Eitan has to: 2.

Steve will be working with Eitan on expanding his work from the commercial to the theatrical (more of that snobbish Hollywood speak for “TV and film work”) while helping Eitan keep his current commercial career alive. This can only mean one thing, more work for Eitan’s biographer. Horray.

Also, Eitan is hard at work (*snicker*) at producing the second Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase. This one will take place July 24th, 25th and 26th at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica. Apparently not enough people had to suffer through Eitan’s “hilarious” performance. Industry guests humored the producers and told them things like, “This is the best showcase I’ve ever seen.” How sweet of them to spare Eitan’s feelings. You’ll find none of that on this biography.

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