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August 29, 2007

What I Love About Being an Actor

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Since my last post was such a rant, I think I’m going to take this week’s post and talk about something super-positive:  my love of being an actor.

It’s very easy to be a cynical and bitter actor. Hopeful people arrive in Los Angeles every single day with stars in their eyes and huge dreams. Three months later they are broke, having been scammed out of a thousand dollars and they realize they may never get a single paying acting job while they slave away waiting tables in a greasy spoon even though they have an MFA from Juliard. Then figure in the people who’ve been here for decades with nothing to show for it and you can see why the “bitter actor” is such a cliche.

But today’s post is not about how hard it is to be an actor. It’s about how great it is.

Let’s start out with one of the obvious things to love, you’re never far away from making it big. Sure, I’m prepared to slave away for years to build my career and resume up to the point where I can be considered for bigger parts. But I know that tomorrow I could be walking down the street, meet some hot shot young director and a few months later see myself on the big screen. The odds of it happening are super slim, but it does happen.

Acting careers have some very obvious jumps and leaps. It’s not hard to tell when you’re have actual successes. Because getting a job is so hard, you know that when you get one you’ve just made a huge difference in your career. And there are so many fun things to accomplish. Your first national commercial, first TV appearance, first time seeing yourself on a big screen and so on and so forth. Those aren’t even absurd goals, like your first Oscar. You stick it out long enough around LA and you’ll most likely achieve every one of those goals.

I know that simply by hanging around LA and going after my work on a daily basis, I have a good chance of succeeding.  And if not success, I’ll at least have had the opportunity.  For every actor getting off the bus, there’s another walking out the door.  Every time that happens I’ve just moved up one small notch on the “I know you” industry scale.  Of course you can go too far over the edge of this scale and become Dennis Woodruff, but that’s another post for another day.

Also, I’d estimate that 75% of people who claim they’re “actors” in Los Angeles aren’t doing anything to go after their career.  Or at least, nothing smart.  Since I am, I know I’m already so far ahead of the game.

One of the best things, if not the best, is that every day is totally different.  Today I have no auditions, so I’m sitting around my house writing on my blog.  Then when I’m done with this I’m going to do some more work on a big project I have in the works.  It’s related to acting, but not an acting or writing project.  It’s something else.  Don’t worry, I’ll post a link and a big post here when the website is officially launched.  Then maybe I’ll work on a writing idea I had last night, maybe I’ll design my next mailing and maybe I’ll go post on various acting message boards and schmooze with my fellow actors.  Tomorrow?  No idea.  Maybe I’ll have an audition, maybe not.  It’s always exciting to find out.  And today I’m unemployed, but Monday I could be shooting another commercial.  It’s always different and you never really know what’s coming.

I’ve done a whole post about loving being an actor without mentioning the “art” of acting.  And that’s fine with me.  Performing is very easy to love.  Enjoying the business aspects of being an actor can be very tough.  All my drama friends in high school and college loved to act too, but few of them had the drive or desire to do it as a business.  Loving the business side of acting is equally if not more important than loving the “acting” side.

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