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October 23, 2007

Ghost Whisperer – Air Date

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Ghost Whisperer PromotionFunny how TV works. You shoot something and then a few months later they put it on TV. But the best part of this is that they give you a date and time to watch for it. Amazing. What a world we live in. No hunting through channels and Tivoing hours of ESPN trying to catch something elusive, like a commercial.

Eitan’s episode of Ghost Whisperer will be airing November 9th at 8PM on CBS. Truth be told if you turned in at 8:50PM you’d easily catch Eitan’s appearance without watching the whole show. He’s right at the very end with Orlando Jones and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The episode is called “Unhappy Medium” and Eitan is playing a fan of Orlando Jones’ character.
This news is great for everyone. For all you Eitan-Lovers out there this is an easy and fool proof way of seeing Eitan’s “work.” For the other 99.7% of the world this is a great opportunity to avoid watching Eitan. Just make sure your TV isn’t on Ghost Whisperer on Friday night. Simple, right? Go to a movie, read a book, get a massage or simply watch another show. You’ll be able to relax knowing you won’t have to watch Eitan trying to be funny.

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