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October 25, 2007

iCarly – Eitan’s Booked Again

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iCarly LogoUch, does Eitan know how much work it is for his biographer to log onto this blog and post about every single booking? There are many other things for a busy biographer to be doing. Did you know that it’s prime fishing season in Nova Scotia? That’d be much more interesting than writing about Eitan’s career.

Oh, the news.

Eitan’s booked an episode of the Nickelodeon show iCarly. He’ll be playing a father (Eitan’s so old, ha!) of a boy who decides it’d be a great idea to dump a bucket of ice water on him while he is sleeping and video tape it for Carly’s show. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll dump a bucket of Gak on Eitan’s head too. You know, just for fun.

The episode number is #125 and the title is “iHave a Lovesick Teacher.” That’s so all you iCarly fanatics can plan your life around Eitan’s TV schedule.

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  1. […] means whenever an iCarly fan is searching for information on the show they get to read about my upcoming episode.  That’s great targeted publicity!  Someone’s going to watch my episode and say, […]

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