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December 31, 2007

Making Good Resolutions

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2008 is almost here.  Oh goody.  That means the sound of thousands of resolutions being broken at 12:01AM. 

“I’ll stop smoking, I’ll lose weight, I’ll shave my dorky beard.”  Actors make career related resolutions as well as personal ones.  “I’ll get a new agent, I’ll finally book a guest-star role, I’ll become a movie star.”  Problem is, none of these are good resolutions.  So I’d like to take a few paragraphs and talk about how to make productive resolutions to help advance your career.

Make sure your goal is actionable.  This means a goal you can accomplish by your own actions.  Resolving to book a guest-star role isn’t actionable.  It requires you to be called for an audition and then be hired by the producers.  You can’t use mind-control on the casting director or producers (believe me, I’ve tried).  An actionable resolution is “I will send out more post cards to casting directors.”  This resolution can lead to you booking that guest-star role, but it’s something you can take into your own hands.

Make sure your resolution is time limited.  Let’s be honest, if someone tells me I have a year to clean my apartment I’ll probably not clean it until at December if I remember at all.  If the same person gives me until the second week of January to clean my place, I’ll probably start right away.  Set a good time frame for your resolution and you’ll find yourself following through much more often.  And no, it doesn’t take an entire year to get new headshots.

Set goals within your limits.  I can resolve to run a marathon February 2nd.  It’s actionable and it’s time limited but it’s darn near impossible.  But if I resolve to run 26 miles over the entire month of February, that’s a whole lot more reasonable.  Know what you can reasonably accomplish.  You probably won’t lose 100lbs. this year but you might be able to lose 25. 

Still be sure to challenge yourself.  It’s not challenging for me to resolve to blog five times in 2008.  It’s too easy and even if I follow through I won’t feel like I accomplished anything.  Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a little bit. 

And my final piece of advice is not to make new years resolutions at all.  Seriously, it’s silly to only try to change your life once a year.  If you want to set resolutions in July, go ahead.  If you notice something’s wrong with your career or life don’t wait to change it. 

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