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March 10, 2008

Eitan is Not Famous Either

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Today Eitan shot a scene for the indie project Blake Robbins is Not Famous in which he plays a random guy getting out of the bathroom who knew actor Blake Robbins personally but had no idea Blake was an actor.

What the heck is Blake Robbins is Not Famous?  It’s an internet project where actor Blake Robbins goes around with his friend Subash detailing what it’s like to be a not-quite-famous actor.  Part of the process involves interviewing random people on the street who either know or do not know Blake.  Eitan knew Blake by some random twist of their wives being in book club together but had no idea Blake was an actor.  the story had something to do with him giving a ride to his wife to book club at Eitan’s place and them meeting for a few seconds.  Even Blake was confused.

Eitan also called his own wife “fat.”   Good going there champ.

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