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August 19, 2008

Showcase Breakdown/Call for Scenes

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The latest breakdown for the 6th Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase has just gone out.

Actors Access Breakdown

And submit yourself if you’d like to participate.  Feel free to forward this on to any of your actor friends who might be interested.

Submissions are also being accepted from writers who’d like to have their material done at the showcase.  There is no pay but it’s a great way to get your short scenes seen by people in the industry and see them performed on stage by wonderful, expertly directed actors.  It’s quite a thrill.  Go here for more information on submitting writing to us (warning PDF):

And for more info about the showcase in general go to:

August 5, 2008

Catch Eitan on iCarly? If Not…

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Here’s the video.  If you blink you might miss him.  So watch this video while blinking heavily.  In fact, just close your eyes and plug your ears while it plays.

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