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November 24, 2008

Eitan is in a Play!

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For years the LA theater going public has been able to avoid Eitan by simply not going to see him in the Cricket Feet Showcases.  Simple, right?  Well no longer.  Eitan has begun appearing in The Boychick Affair an interactive play.  The characters mingle and talk with the audience members while the plot goes on.  So not only do people have to SEE Eitan act, they actually have to engage him in conversation and pretend to think he’s funny up close.  Oh the humanity!

The show is modeled after a dysfunctional family celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of one of their youngest.  Eitan plays the boy’s rowdy uncle.  Reservations can be made through the website above or through Goldstar.
Please go just to heckle Eitan and try to make him break character.  The show runs every Sunday, 3PM at the Sportsmans Lodge in the valley.  There’s a Winter hiatus coming up but shows resume late Janurary.

November 20, 2008

Eitan’s Commentary on Obama

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Someone please give Eitan a real job.  It would be less painful to watch him smact it up on a series every week than have him produce and write his own work.

See?  He’s going to do weekly commentary on President Barak Obama’s addresses to the nation as this absurd character.  Apparently he’s planning some really ridiculous stuff as the series goes on.  Seriously, hire this man.

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