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February 19, 2009

The Best Ways to Find Me Online

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Here are the best ways to find the world famous actor Eitan Loewenstein (that’s me) on the internet: – My official site.  You’re on it.

Twitter – I tweet quite regularly about my auditions and other day-to-day things in my career.

Facebook – This is my “fan” page on Facebook.  If you’re a fan, join up.  Show your allegiance to the cult of Eitan.

Actors Access – This is my “official” profile which is used to submit me on breakdowns for real big-time jobs.

Those are far and away the best ways to keep on top of my acting career and see what’s up.

Is There Anybody Out There?

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Hello!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Eitan and I’m an actor.

I love having this blog.  Once in an odd while I feel an urge and I hop on to post.  I do this with no regularity.  My very helpful biographer posts updates when I book something but I only post when I feel like it.

I hope no one reading this is running their acting career in this manner.  Most people do.  Heck, I’ve been guilty of this at times myself.

Who among us has not neglected to check the breakdowns or send out postcards because they “just didn’t feel like it today?”  Fair enough.  I have a very nice life outside of my career and some days I’m busy doing other things and don’t have a minute to spare to even update my Twitter account.

But those days are rare.  This is a job.  You must be out there busting your butt five, six or seven days a week.  Any less and someone else is going to take an oppertunity you would have otherwise gotten yourself.

Someone who merely reaches out to agents “when they feel like it” is going to be left in the dust.  There are scores of actors in Los Angeles who send out a big salvo of postcards two times a year and that’s about it.  Then they whine and moan about not being able to get work.

When you pledge a huge amount of time to getting work you’ll find all sorts of ways to persue the work you never dreamed of before.  You can become more active in online networking sites, you can attend more “industry events,” you can write your own material and you can even hunt down contact info for people in the industry and reach out to them. There’s many ways to fill your time if you allocate it towards becoming a working actor.

I’ve said this a million times before: if you want to be an actor it’s going to take huge amounts of work. If you want to be a professional blogger you can’t blog like me and only do it once every month or two.  Get off your butts and start hustling.

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