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June 20, 2007

Who is this Eitan anyway?

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Eitan is an actor from Los Angeles, CA.  He’s worked in many commercials including (but not limited to) commercials for “Las Vegas” (at the psychic), “Saturn” (with the manamana song and the gorilla) as well as “Hertz” (with the stress balls).  Eitan has also appeared on Lifetime TV.  He currently is producing and acting in the Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase as well as auditioning a whole lot.  Over the years Eitan has studied with Harry Mastrogeorge, at the Groundlings (with Ted Michaels, David Jahn, Ben Faclone and Roy Jenkins) as well as other places he’d rather not mention.  Eitan is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and is 10 kinds of “awesome.”

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