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November 12, 2009

Be Friends With Your Favorite Actor

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Who doesn’t want to have lunch with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?  Maybe you’d like to buy Megan Fox a drink?  Perhaps you’d like to tag along while Johnny Depp buys his sunglasses?

Well, it’s too late.  They’re famous, they’ve got people banging down their doors left and right.  The only way to be friends with these guys was to be their friend years before they got famous.  But today’s your lucky day…

Be my “Fan” on Facebook and I promise you my undying friendship and respect.  Barring that at least you can say “I was his fan before he got huge.”
You’ll also get to learn about all my auditions, jobs and upcoming events.  What’s better than that?

February 1, 2008

Eitan is Running for Charity

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Team in TrainingEitan will be running in the June 2008 Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Diego to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research and treatment through Team in Training.
Eitan will be running the 26.2 miles in memory of a friend who passed away after a year long battle with leukemia.

If you wish to contribute to this very worthy cause please visit Eitan’s fundraising page.

January 31, 2008

UPDATE: Promotion

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About a week ago I started two methods of promoting this site.

The first was Entrecard which links up bloggers and lets us run ads on each other’s sites.  This has worked out really well.  I’ve had lots of amazing traffic from Entrecard.  It’s going to stay.

The other is with Blogrush.  This one puts links to my stories in a box on the side of other blogs and does the same for other blogs on mine.  This system has been uninstalled.  Why?   Well, no one was clicking on my stories.  Maybe if I had really shocking titles of my entries I’d get more traffic.  But according to Blogrush my titles showed up other blogs over 14,000 times.  And I didn’t get a single click.  That’s insane.

So I still recommend Entrecard, not so much Blogrush if you’re looking to promote.

January 21, 2008

Promoting my Acting Blog

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Quick, look over to the right hand side. Do you see two new boxes you’ve never seen before?

The first one is a system called Blogrush. It will list posts on other blogs similar to mine. When that happens it will also list my posts on other blogs to widen my audience. Cool, right?

The second box belongs to Entrecard. This is similar in that it allows me to place ads on other blogs who will in turn place ads on mine.

Three questions you no doubt have:

Why did I do this? Because I want the publicity. I want as many people to read my blog as possible. And it’s another way to marketing myself as an actor.  I’ll keep on top of them to keep the junk to a minimum.

Am I making/spending any money on this? Heck no. I decided long ago against running ads on this site for money. The people who advertise to actors through the internet don’t tend to be the most ethical. There are WAY too many people who run scams trying to sell you overpriced classes and “modeling portfolios.” The only reputable people who advertise this way seem to be headshot photographers and since I do some headshot photography myself it’d be silly to send them my traffic. And both of these services are free, which is just lovely.

How do you do this too? Simple, click on this link for Entrecard (or the box right below the ad) and this one for Blogrush (or the link right below the list of posts). You just copy some code to your sidebar. Both sites have extended help sections on how to do this, don’t worry.

January 2, 2008

Calling All Directors (Want a Job?)

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The showcase I help produce is seeking directors for the upcoming season (2008).

All the info is on this blog posting.

If you’re an unemployed director, this is for you!

July 17, 2007

The World of an Actor

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Acting MasksOver the years I’ve gotten dozens of calls, e-mails or Myspace messages from people hoping to be actors. Or people who are actors who have questions about how I’ve done what I’ve done.

In playing around on message boards and reading articles online I’ve noticed there’s a lot of good information for actors on the web. And there’s a WHOLE lot of bad/outdated information. So I figured, from my gilded pedestal as an actor and a showcase producer I could try to get some good information out to hopefuls who want to make it as an actor in Hollywood. I’m sure most of this stuff will apply to you if you’re a New York actor but I only know for sure what’s going on in Los Angeles.

In addition to my rants about what it means to be an actor and why you need good headshots I’ll post a few interesting anecdotes as well as referencing things on other blogs/websites.

This isn’t going to be a typical actor blog complaining about how I have trouble getting work (like that would ever happen) or how Hollywood is evil. I’m going to try to shed some light on the unnessicarly mysterious world of show business and I’ll have some deep thoughts about what it means to be an actor.

Now, here’s where you (the reader) comes in. I want this to be interactive. I want you to comment, e-mail in thoughts and of if you have questions send them to me and I’ll try to answer a few in my postings.

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