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September 15, 2007

Ghost Whisperer – Booked!

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Ghost WhispererHey hey, look who’s working. It’s Eitan proving yet again that if he can get work as an actor in Hollywood, anyone can.

This time Eitan will be appearing on the CBS show “Ghost Whisperer” playing an annoying fan (shocking) of a celebrity psychic in episode 307 “Unhappy Medium.” Eitan will be shooting at Universal Studios on Monday. If you happen to be on the tour, keep a look out for Eitan. And what’s this with Eitan and psychics? Weird, right?

The biographer has long guessed Eitan would end up at Universal Studios but it was assumed he would be on the lot as a tour guide or responsible for spraying down Jaws, not as an actor. The biographer hates being wrong but loves it when Eitan works.

And since you’re wondering, yes Eitan will be shooting his scene with Jennifer Love Hewitt. And no, Eitan will not work up the courage to introduce himself.

April 6, 2006

Huge in Japan Eitan is.

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Fun with Google!  Someone searched for “Ironstar Memoirs” and came upon this page.  Eitan wondered, “Why would someone be doing that?”  So away he sent his assistant’s assistant to log into Google and google the same information.  Turns out,  plans for the show have changed.  Originally it was going to air on Japanese TV, far away from American eyes.  But, someone over at one of the production companies came up with a great idea.  Now the shows will debut on Sony PSPs in the Universal Media Disk format (which ironically is proprietary to PSPs).  This means all those annoying people plugged into their little game systems could be listening to Eitan.  They’ll be easy to spot due to their glazed over look and oft repeated mantra, “Man this narrator is full of himself.  But I love it!”

Christmas is nowhere near around the corner, but it’s never too early to shop for an Eitan narrated biography of Ray Charles or Willie Nelson.  The rest of the episodes probably suck by comparison.

June 26, 2005

Ray Charles loves Eitan, Ankling the Agent and a New Class

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Live, from the brand new offices in glorious West LA… here’s Eitan! *sarcastic slow clapping*. Yes, after months of silence Eitan has finally contacted his biographer with an update of his life. Exciting? Not especially.

All of’s Japanese readers are in for a treat. Eitan has acted as the narrator for two episodes of the show “Memoirs.” He can be heard on the Willie Nelson and Ray Charles episodes. It’s seriously an hour and a half of Eitan talking, so this is only for the most extreme fans.

“I’m not representing Eitan anymore, I quit!” This may or may not have been the parting words of Barbara Divisek as she left Conan Carroll and Associates (probably not actually). But either way, Eitan is no longer repped by her commercially. Eitan is fielding various offers from other offices (or trying to get offers from other offices) before he makes any decisions.

Eitan thinks he’s funny. So he’s taking the third class at the Groundlings (writing lab). On July 17th some poor fools will have to watch Eitan and his classmates perform a sketch show of their own writing directed by Roy Jenkins. If by some accident Eitan is funny, please laugh. It’s good for his self esteem.

February 13, 2003

Eitan Wanted for Stalking (on Lifetime’s Final Justice)

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Recently Eitan called his biographer in the middle of the night to let him know that he needed to update the biography for the first time. The biographer reminded Eitan that he had not yet been paid for his earlier writing work. Eitan assured him the check was in the mail and pleaded with him to expand his biography. The biographer (against his better judgment) agreed.

Eitan received a call on a Monday, asking if he could work the next day. Eitan was quite shocked, as there was no audition and he had not met anyone from this project. He had sent out a headshot a few weeks before and had assumed that headshot would end up with all his other headshots in headshot heaven. The show was Final Justice (the Erin Brokovich show) for the Lifetime network. Not only was Eitan offered a job straight up, it was his first union (AFTRA) work. After skipping around the Westside Pavilion shopping mall for a while Eitan accepted. He worked the next day playing a stalker which is pretty much against his type. He was cast because of his resemblance to the actual criminal (Eitan saw a picture and the criminal was a good 100lbs heavier than him and a whole lot uglier, if that’s possible). Final Justice does reenactments of crimes to splice in with footage of the actual victims (like America’s Most Wanted). Eitan spent the day stalking and being creepy for money, which is a break from his usual activities of stalking and being creepy for free.

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